- First drop off shop in Czech republic 

(it works like the american online e-shop We operate on the Czech version of Ebay called Aukro.
How can we help you? 

Have you just moved to Brno?

We can help you get cheap second hand goods. Anything from computers, bike, furniture to books, etc. You can arrange to pick up your purchases at our shop in the city centre. We can also help you with buying goods abroads, and you can also pick up those purchases from our centrally located store.

Leaving Brno? - Need to get rid of some things?

Are you leaving Brno and need to get rid of some things? In our drop off shop you can leave anything that you don´t want to take back home. We accept anything from books, electronics, cameras, bikes,skies to bags, clothes, etc. Anythig that you don´t need anymore. We will sell it on an internet auction, and you can get your money as soon as it´s sold. If you are in a hurry, we can send you your money via PayPal.


Send or receive money. If you don´t have a bank account and need to send or receive money from/to abroad, we can help you put money in your account, or get money from it.

Luggage deposit

Do you need to deposit your luggage for some time? No problem.

You can contact us here


5.-9. srpna 2019 dovolená - zavřeno

Otvírací doba: Po-Pá 9:00-17:30

Lampiony štěstí/přání skladem v prodejně. Prodáváme dvě velikosti a osm barev. Dovoz přímo z Thajska.


Lampiony štěstí brno

Doporučujeme semena květin

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