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Prices for 2018
Moving Brno - Praha from 4000 CZK
Moving Brno- Košice from 8200 CZK
Moving form Brno - Munich or Berlin  from 9200 CZK

What we do?
- We can be used for moving or for picking-up furniture.
- We can also move you to (or from) another city, e.g. Prague, Vienna, Dresden, Bucharest, Milan, ... actualy all easter or western europe cities. 

If you need to move a lot of stuff, we can arrange more able-bodied people for you.

The van takes in about 10 m3, or up to 1.2 t. If u hve more stuff we can get a bigger van up to 17m


Prices are set on individual basis.

Why is that?

Moving heavy furniture on stairs would be more expensive than moving banana boxes by an elevator. If I have several jobs one after another, I can offer you a lower price. Later in the evening, really early in the morning or during weekends, you can travel through Brno twice faster (and less gas is needed) than during rush hours. And for many other reasons.

Orientation price

Picking up furniture from Ikea (Slatina) 400 – 500 Kč

Moving stuff 1+1 (1 van + 1 person) – 350 Kč/hour - minimum rate 350 Kč (longer distances (out of brno) we charge individualy.

Moving stuff 1+2 (1 van + 2 people) -500 Kč/hour minimum rate 600 Kč (longer distances +10 Kč per km)


Tell me what you need and I will give you our best price.

To make it easy for both of us, have a look at this template inquiry (and possibly use it):


Next weekend, I want to move from street + house number to street + house number.

Both houses have an elevator and you can easily park in front of them.

I will be moving banana boxes and disassembled Ikea furniture.

I will have one friend helping me. The whole thing should not last longer than 2 hours.

We can do it on Saturday after 7 pm, or any time Sunday morning.

Does either timing suit you? What would be the price?”


How to make things cheaper:

Ask your friends to help you.

Ask me when I have other moving jobs: right before or after them I can offer you a better price.

Please do not overestimate your abilities.

It has already happened several times that a person booked me for picking up, for example, a sofa he or she had bought on-line from someone else, but then they were not able to carry it to the car or from the car to their appartment. Awkward.

774425855 or we can chat vie my FB
Maybe u need to store sometink for a wihle u can try our partner: Bananovky Brno



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